Simple yet delicious entree to serve after foie gras?


What is a delicious yet simple to prepare entree to serve after foie gras? I am planning this meal in advance, but on the actual day of, I will have a limited amount of time to shop and prepare, and as I will be flying in to the city where I will be cooking for friends just earlier in the day on which the meal will take place, there is also a limit to how much I can prepare in the days leading up to. Recipes with suggestions would be great!


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I would suggest a really nice steak.


why would you eat grass?


Well, you do know that foie gras is very inhumane right? They shove a big tube down the throat of ducks and force feed them so that their liver becomes unlarged and fatty. You are basically eating a diseased liver.


That’s disgusting. You want to eat a liver from an animal who has been force fed until it can’t move and they finally kill it. You sicken me.

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